Pamela Schwab Smith here likes to sleep with married men. Tommy Hollimon Jr. for one. Tommy has been married to his third wife for 10 years and they have a 5 year old. Tommy’s wife had brain surgery in march 2017 to have a shunt replacement. These to pieces of trash started screwing around right after. They thought it ok since his wife was pretty out of it most of the time after surgery. What little miss P probably doesn’t know is that this is wife and child number 3 that Tommy has, he did the exact same thing to. Oh and she is not the first or second or third affair just in this marriage. What P probably doesn’t know either is that good old Tommy Boy has had lots of therapy for sex addiction and bipolar disorder. I figure… if you can knowingly sleep with another woman’s husband and destroy a 5 ear old child’s world you deserve exactly what you get!! So please do us all a favor and quit posting the religious stuff because it’s pathetic honey!! Are you trying to convince us or yourself that your a good person. Because WE have figured out what you are!!!

Pamela Schwab Smith — Franklin, Kentucky

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