This man Virgil Smith is married to my daughter. Divorce should be final soon mind you. He was around for two years. My daughter is a good woman albeit she has self esteem issues. She is a college graduate, takes care of me and her two children with next to no help ever. She is responsible and kind beyond what most people ever are. She is also highly intelligent which sometimes leads to poor common sense judgments. Anyway she took to helping Virgil five years ago as a friend. He was living in squalor and would have starved. She offered to move him in after a year and really help him but he chose drugs and running the streets. 3 years ago he contacts her again and tells her she’s the only person he knows who can truly help him. She does so. Again he is homeless and starving with no job or anything. She befriends him and he really gets himself together. She cleaned him up, helped him find work, helped get a second vehicle of her own so he could drive himself. They started dating as things progressed. He proposed in October of last year and pushed for them to marry before end of that year. Needless to say she kicked him out April, not even for months after they were married for cheating not once but twice. He lied about it and hid it on his phone. My daughter was suspicious because intimacy had halted nearly. She sought help from therapists and doctors for him worried since he is young. Real problem was he was screwing other people and gave my daughter an STD. Thankfully meds got rid of it but he’s a horrible person. He used her. He pushed for marriage to claim her two children on taxes and basically wanted to run off with the return. What a long con. He’s that desperate and stupid ladies. He always lies to women and screws them to have a place to stay. He knows no other way. He is not worth crap and apparently he’s horrid in bed too and inexperienced in romance. He’s been fired from a job for theft and can’t even keep a McDonald’s job people. Who wants a man like that. He claims to have a child who has never proven to be his. He let a woman from his past talk him into signing custody without a test but he never pays support or sees the kid. My daughter encouraged him to do the right thing but he wouldn’t another reason she got rid of him. Thankfully.

Virgil Smith — Kokomo, Indiana

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